Bent: A Collection of Twisted Short Stories

Salt in the Blood: What Lies Beneath
February 3, 2017

A Twisted Collection of Short Stories

This collection has something for everyone. Some psychological horror, some dark humor, and here and there a spatter of blood for those with discerning tastes.

Bent serves up horror a la carte so you can pick and choose your pleasure. Fond of blood? Metamorphosis or The Book Collector might suffice. Into dark humor? Try The Deadlies on for size. Horrific relationships? Like Night and Day and Well-Preserved will fit the bill.

And for you psychological horror fans, treats like Lost and Found,Out of Time, and others will give you that lovely shiver of impending doom that's a must-have when reading this genre.

No matter what your taste, Bent has a smorgasbord of spine-tingling treats for you to feast upon. There's even convenient portion sizes, from flash fiction up to good-sized short stories, so you can find a bookish morsel for any time of day.




June 2017


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