Popcorn Writing: Learning to Write Simultaneous Pieces

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April 11, 2016
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April 25, 2016

Popcorn Writing: Learning to Write Simultaneous Pieces

Learning to write simultaneous pieces with popcorn writing

Here a pop, there a pop–everywhere a pop-pop. Learning to write several articles or stories simultaneously might seem like a tall order, but it’s actually a great way to increase your productivity and keep writer’s block at bay. I find when I have more than one project in the hopper I don’t suffer as much from writing burnout. I get stalled by frustration a whole lot less and my articles and stories seem to have some extra polish to them.

Learning to Write Simultaneously For Productivity and Improved Writing

So what’s the secret? Variety! Often referred to as the “spice of life”, a little variety in writing projects can definitely lend some spice to your finished work. There are lots of reasons why learning to write several things at once helps develop your writing skills and career, but I’ve listed a few of the most important below:

Lack of Boredom: When you get tired of writing that article on industrial laser diodes you can always jump back to your short story about invading cephalopods from outer space. Or vice versa. There’s never a dull moment when you have several different projects upon which to work.

Change of Style: Nothing keeps a writer on his or her toes like having to switch styles from hard-and-fast reporting to chatty blogging to stylized novel writing. This kind of back-and-forth between projects provides experience developing different voices and keeps you from getting stuck in a language rut.

High Achievement: Juggling several pieces and keeping them all going simultaneously definitely boosts confidence with a feeling of accomplishment. Sometimes sitting down to the same old pages each day can make you feel like a drudge. Keeping several writing pieces going at once gives your writing a more purposeful feel –and that often translates into more aggressive word counts and more bylines.

More Chances to Get Noticed: You may think your short stories really rock, but your article writing on gardening has suddenly become in demand and you’re beginning to get multiple assignments that pay well. If you hadn’t decided to branch out from your story writing, you’d never have known this! Choosing to explore writing in several areas broadens your horizons in more than one way. First, you get a chance to try out different kinds of writing–who knows, you may find that fiction becomes a passion while your article writing ends up just a hobby. Second, you may happen across a niche that really lights your fire like content creation, informational writing, ghostwriting, flash fiction, non-fiction book writing. And finally, you gain lots of writing cred from being diversely published and that can never hurt should you be looking for an agent, a publisher, a client, or querying a magazine.

So consider learning to write several things at once and experience all the glorious variety a writing career can offer!

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Nikki Bee

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