The Name Game: Great Name Generators for Your Next Novel

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November 28, 2016
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December 11, 2016

The Name Game: Great Name Generators for Your Next Novel

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A good name generator, if you can find one, is a fiction writer’s dream. After writing tons of stories, sometimes you just get all “named out.” Problem is, it’s hard to find quality generators.

That’s why I’ve compiled the following list for you, with a bit of description so you know why they’re so dang awesome. Whether you need to title a disease, a character, an evil creature or the village square, you’ll find a great source, below.

My Favorite Name Generators

  1. Behind the Name. This one lets you choose male, female  or ambiguous epithets with as many as three middle names, a first name and a last name. The bonus: You can choose to generate your names from some of the sixty languages available, plus ancient languages, and some fictional ones, too. I chose Armenian – Berjouhi Hourik.  Brilliant!
  2. The Seventh Sanctum — Seventh Sanctum is a series of generators to name anything from cat beings to extreme fantasy characters to realms of wonder. You can find evil names, names for settings, names for technology and more. I used the magical phenomena generator and produced a fluctuating power disjunction. Awesome!
  3. Rum and Monkey — This just speaks to my ego. There are a series of generators (ex: viking, vampire, anime, wolf, dragon, superhero, mad scientist — you get the idea) and you decide whether you want a male or female name, then input your own name (or the name of your husband, dog, or best friend as suits your mood) and press click. My dragon name is Omnirok, Bringer of Fire.
  4. Mithril and Mages – Not only does this name generator give you fantasy, western, modern and more, but it can also design a city block, give you a dungeons and dragons scenario, determine your criminal history or come up with name of your next restaurant. I generated a natural terrain feature — Lower Letherby Falls.
  5. Name Generator – Yes, it’s generic, but very useful. This site gives you the usual name generation capabilities plus allows you to generate words as well! That’s where I learned about norrisology and the infamous slabdrill.
  6. Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generator. Because — BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH! I got Blasphemy Curdledmilk, followed by Broccoli Cockletit. You just gotta love it. Gotta.
  7. Oobleck — This site focuses on Victorian or steampunk names. You can choose male or female and from which walk of life you’d like: military, aristocrat, commoner, clergy, and more. I was Inspector Lilly F. Phipps.
  8. Squid — You can find a customized dragon here, or Tolkien-esque names, or book titles, like Inverfora Nocir’s Lexicon on Alchemy or The Tome of Varghani Architecture, by Damarroth of the Wood.
  9. Band Name Generator — You never know when you’ll need a musical group in your novel. Plus, you might even need one for your own present-day band. I don’t know about you, but I’d surely take time to hear a little Fleece Latitude or Condemned Elegance?
  10. Fantasy Name Generators – Not only will this generate thousands of character names, but also plant descriptions (The Coriandrum Comosum is an extremely common, tiny plant and can be found in most subarctic regions. It blooms in late summer. The wide, toothed leaves are usually bright green and it grows huge flowers, which can be purple, light silver and red. They can be used to help relief pain. But, as a defense mechanism, the Coriandrum Comosum taste extremely sour. They rely on animal pollination to reproduce and to promote pollination, they produce a delicious nectar.)                                                                                                                                                                                                              or potion descriptions                                                                                                                                                                                        (To brew a strength potion, gather the following ingredients and follow the recipe with exact precision or risk an uncertain outcome.
    – 1 teaspoon of Mercy Root
    – 3 heaps of Thorn Licorice
    – 1 heap of Tiger Cumin
    – 3 dashes of Viper Saffron
    – 5 tablespoons of Bruise Angelica
    Mash the Mercy Root with whatever does the job for you and put the result in a cup. Next, add some ice, let it melt to turn it into a lumpy cream, then add the Thorn Licorice all at once. Fill a pan with iced steam, add the mixture and slowly bring it to a simmer. Let it steam for a short while before adding the Tiger Cumin and Viper Saffron, all at once of one, then half at a time of the other. Now, bring everything back to a boil, turn of the heat, mix in the Bruise Angelica and let everything rest for an hour, you could do something else in the meantime, like make a potion. Whisk everything with a knife until you realize you look like a fool. Your potion is ready. Store leftovers in a dark, cold place. Like your heart. 


Hopefully, you’ll find what you need from the list above. Heck, you might even find inspiration for your next plot line, a new epic novel, or just a nickname for your dog. Post the most creative or fun name you generate in the comments section, you Bakery Crackerdong, you. (Can’t get enough of that B. Cumberbatch name generator!)

See you on the next page!

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