Free Writing Infographic: Ten Commandments of Writing

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July 10, 2016
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Free Writing Infographic: Ten Commandments of Writing

free writing infographic

I love infographics. I especially love infographics about writing. And there’s nothing better than free writing infographics! Yes, the “F” word — the one I use every chance I get. Free. See how good that sounds? The fricative pressure of the “f” as your teeth press against the tender flesh of your lower lip provides sweet release for pent-up breath. Even the word “fricative”, which sounds a little risqué, can be a pleasure to say. Perhaps it can even give you some ideas.

Yikes! I went off on a tangent there, but I was only following commandment number IV: Honor Your Gut Feeling. While I didn’t know where that train of thought was leading me as I wrote it, it sent me unswervingly toward my point. All I had to do was enjoy the process. What an epiphany!

There are plenty more of these fun and factual commandments that will help you stay on track with your writing career. The free writing infographic, below, outlines the ten biggest, and it’s my gift to you. Print it out, copy it, paste it, put it where you can see it. Take them to heart.

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Nikki Bee

Free Writing Infographic:
The Ten Commandments of Writing

Free writing infographic:<br> The TEN Commandments of Writing

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