Do This, Be An Author — Simple Magic for Writers

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June 25, 2017
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Do This, Be An Author — Simple Magic for Writers

I’m sharing my incredible secret after a writer friend told me she couldn’t figure out how I’d gotten to be an author so quickly (I’ve just published my third book on Amazon). She’s been aiming at becoming an author for years and just hasn’t managed it. She says she’s considers me the lucky sort, and figures luck must be an important component of the publishing game.

I know what you’re thinking — Um, who are you again? Oh, you haven’t heard of me? What with my three books on Amazon and all? Well, the answer is: I’m the person who knows exactly what it takes for each of you to become a published author, either independently or through a publishing house.

Are you ready? Before I tell you the secret, I want you to promise to use it. The biggest problem writers have is themselves — they collect useful tips and tricks and then tuck them away for later use. You can be a successful writer only if you use this magic, not just hear it and file it away. Agree to my terms, and you’ll be an author all that much sooner.

Ready to Be An Author?

Okay, you’ve promised me (and yourself) that you’re going to employ this bit of magic I’m about to impact, so I’m trusting your sincerity. Please don’t let me dow!

Here’s the secret: you have to write. Wait! Before you click a down arrow or make a snide comment about this seemingly obvious bit of fairy dust, hear me out.

The single most common reason for writers not becoming authors is that they spend too much time not writing. They work on websites, set up author platforms, get on social media and network at brick-and-mortar events. These are all great things to do, but they are secondary to your writing. You heard me: secondary. Ignore the information marketer who tells you all you need is (insert their course, platform, or product here) to jump-start your writing career, the real truth is that you can’t even have a writing career unless you have . . . writing.

I get it — writing is scary. And putting your writing out there to be dissected by anonymous crowds of readers and the occasional troll is downright blood chilling. But if you want to be an author, then you’ve made this intimidating exercise your goal in life.

Be true to that goal. Don’t forget about writing because you’re caught up in the minutiae of an writer’s life. Don’t let other writers tell you you’re not a “real” writer unless you fit their pre-determined notion of how a writer behaves.

And don’t be afraid to put your writing out there. Write about what you know, or even what you don’t know. Write about what you love. Write about what you hate. Don’t worry if someone doesn’t want to read it; you can’t please everyone. But you’ll please someone and I promise that’s all it takes to put you on the fast-track to success.

All you need is one reader who loves your work, because if there’s one, there are others. Once you’re an author, you can find them. So grab your magic pen: write. Make no excuses: write. And after you’ve written: publish.

Abracadabra! You’re an author — congratulations!

See you on the next page!

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