About Nikki

Hi. I'm Nikki.

I've been writing for over 30 years about fact, fantasy, and the realms between.

During this time, I’ve helped political action committees, engineering firms, telecom giants, government agencies, plant nurseries, universities, jewelry designers, and app creators find their voices.

You can find my work in national magazines, both print and online, and a few years ago, I became a #1 Amazon Bestselling Author.

It’s been a wild, fun, and crazy ride during which I discovered one truth:

Words can change the world.

Words Can Change Your Life

Do you want to work from home? See your name on a byline as a freelance journalist? Get that awesome story out of your head and into print as a fiction writer? Perhaps you just want to start a personal journal or write for the sheer fun of it?

You CAN live a writer's life—I promise. Just don’t let “information overload” slow you down!

Most writers don’t have the time or ability to endlessly sort through all of the tips, tricks, and tools to weed out the inconsequential stuff and get down to the nuggets of goodness that are sprinkled here and there.

But I do.

What Next?

I'm putting all I've learned at your fingertips so you don't have to weed through scores of websites and information. Join me as I explore new, and sometimes unconventional, solutions to jumpstart your writing and help you get your words and ideas out of your head and onto the page.

What are you waiting for? Start your writing life now!

See you on the next page!


Years of Experience

Hate to say it because I know you'll do the math, but . . .

How Many Books I've Written

I've got three completed and another two in the works!


I've written for the Huffington Post, Center for Digital Ethics and Policy, BirdTalk Magazine, Mind, Body, Health and numerous online websites and magazines.

Different Subjects

I've written about everything from industrial laser diodes to native plants. Variety is spicy!

Check Out the Latest Course!

My first course, Nonfiction Writer to Author in Four Weeks, will help you get your first taste of freelance writing.
Learn how to set up a writing space, get clients, write your first piece, and what to do after you've sold it.
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  • 2015-PresentThe Sweet Life

    I still freelance occasionally, but focus on writing fiction and nonfiction books. My first nonfiction book, One Size Does Not Fit All: Stress Management, became an Amazon #1 Bestseller upon its release. My first fiction work, Salt in the Blood, hit #2 in Horror in its first week of publication. I'm getting ready to release a collection of twisted short tales and the second book in the Blood of Ages Saga, Blood in the Flame. Life is good!
  • 2003-2015The Wonder Years

    That's right--I was wondering. Wondering how I could use my writing skills to make a living. During this time, I ran a consulting company that focused on corporate branding and communications and wrote freelance articles and content for numerous online and brick-and-mortar clients. Better than working for "the man", but still not optimal.
  • Early CareerIn The Beginning

    Worked for political action committees, engineering firms, telecom giants, government agencies, and more as a writer, marketing professional, and editor. You know, just doing work.

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